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Types of Roofers in Worcester MA & Which One to Choose?

There are four types of roofers that you can pick from if you need an upgrade to your roof. Please find out about them together, including their advantages and disadvantages. Each type of roofer in Worcester MA has distinct advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, it all depends on the project you are working on and the kind of roofer you’re comfortable with.

Let’s review the four kinds of roofers and discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

Small Businesses

Small-sized business roofers are managed by a couple of people, an administrator, and perhaps a couple of employees. They rarely offer assistance or support for customers.

When you use this kind of roofers in Worcester MA, you can be in direct contact with the business owner, which will help you better understand the company’s values and beliefs and whether they can manage the project. Scheduling could be problematic for small-business roofers, as they can only handle up to two or three roofs simultaneously.

The Pros

  • They are generally cheaper and have fewer overhead costs.
  • It is possible to have direct access to the proprietor of the business.
  • They could be more flexible when working with it since it’s their own company.

The Cons

  • Smaller businesses need an in-house service department. If the proprietor is on a roof or has an appointment with a sales rep, they may need help taking your call.
  • If you assume one of the managers and become aggressive and demanding, it could end your relationship.

Full-Service Roofers

Full-service roofing companies focus on one thing: best service. They aim to make their services affordable and attainable.

This roofers in Worcester MA  can handle insurance claims, roofing repairs, inspections, and insurance claims for real estate companies—everything you require. No matter the job, they focus on providing the necessary service, which is why they can provide an accurate customer experience.

The Pros

  • Service roofing companies are typically huge and have several teams on hand.
  • They could have different offices or more significant areas of service.
  • May offer warranty options for long-term use and top-quality products.
  • They concentrate on customer support and maintaining long-term relationships.

The Cons

  • They’re only sometimes the most expensive choice.
  • They might need help to afford inferior materials to meet a rival’s price or win any bid.

Sales Roofers

Sales roofers in Worcester MA are bigger businesses that offer retail roofing or storm chase (more about that kind of roofer in a moment). In general, they perform either of the two but not both.

Sales roofers typically have a substantial sales force, so they can quickly plan your roof replacement. The roofer could provide financing with no interest. At the same time, it seems like an appealing option, beware.

Retail Sales Roofers

Since these are big companies, they’ll complete the task. However, they’re not focused on customer service; you’ll notice the difference from the first interaction. Roofers who sell retail perform regular roof replacements and should also have an office for customer service. Be aware that these companies generally don’t do insurance work as it doesn’t provide the price they want to charge.

Storm Chaser Sales Roofers

They typically do this if a  sales roofers in Worcester MA can be described as a storm chaser.

The Pros

  • They’ll request an extended sales presentation that includes everyone in the decision-making process, allowing you to ask any questions.
  • Since it’s a more prominent company, they generally meet their commitments.
  • They have access to various materials that could help you find a cost you are confident with. It is usually possible to negotiate the price.
  • They typically consist of numerous teams, so they can complete your project faster.

The Cons

  • Presentations for sales can become long and intimidating.
  • They tend to be more expensive.
  • The salesperson usually starts with the most expensive opportunity. It would help if you were prepared to negotiate for the perfect price.

Storm Chasers

Storm chasers track storms. After a hurricane, tornado, or hailstorm has caused significant destruction, they traverse the region, knocking on doors and soliciting damage to the roof.

The type of roofers in Worcester MA that focuses on insurance claims. The goal is to get into a community likely to need their assistance. Their proposal to benefit you through getting insurance is typically appreciated, making their lives much more straightforward.

The Pros

  • They can collaborate with insurance companies and make the process easier.
  • They typically have multiple teams working in the same exact location.

The Cons

  • Service may only be available once your roof is repaired and the contractors have left the site.
  • They provide lower warranties and could utilize lower-quality materials.
  • They might need more options.

Which Type of Roofer Is Right for Your Project?

Every type of roofers in Worcester MA has its advantages and disadvantages. The ideal roofing firm for your project will depend on your requirements. There is no one right or wrong.

Therefore, consider your options carefully, and then decide if you are at ease. Contact Building Solutions today for all your roofing needs. We are just a call away. As a top roofing company, we are committed to serving our customers.

At Building Solutions, we ensure that we provide exceptional services to our clients. Let’s discuss the next project.


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